This is a map and directory of events that were held during the Equinox Ceremony.


TreeSisters Personal Ceremonial Circle

Druid Grove of Anu

Somos Uno – Somos el Universo

Banbury Village

Equinox Ceremony with Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo Sagas

MOMM – moments of mass mindfulness

NativeAmerican Support Group

Earthtribe Drumming Circle

Mothong African Heritage

The Journey of Water_Saint Augustine

Tribal Trust Water Community

drum drum drum

Ethereal Equinox Experience

Auset Mmopi Community

Sacre Radici Wah-Pee-Yah

Tlholego Ecovillage

Circle visiting three water sources in the North of the Netherlands

Offenes Rotes Zelt

Energy Meditation

Water Drum MamOerVecht

Rhumequelle circle

Sacred Female Rising Sacred Circle w/ MiraMichelle

Djarra Country

Shamanic Arts Drum Circle

CAVE OF CREATION ~ Equinox Ceremony of Birth and Renewal

Fall Equinox Water Healing Ceremony

Prayer Ceremony

Samothraki Saos

Earthhart Treesisters Equinox Circle

Adakulla mountain spirits

Aruba Drum Circle – Sunset at Pos Chiquito

Juniper TreeSisters Grove

Medicine drum circle

Equinox water blessing ceremony

Making Emoto Water Crystal Images Before and After Peace Day and Equinox Ceremony

EarthRising Global Activation Circle for the Protection and Honoring of Our Water

TreeSisters Autumn Equinox Creative Journey

Sacred life sacred water

Prince George Equinox Ceremony – Activation Circles

SANTA CLARA Equinox Gathering for the Waters

Crystallizing the fluid Waterwomb of our Body and the Earth through Meditative Art and Qi Gong Fluid Body Movement


SOL CENTER “Panta Rhei”

Dewdney Circle

ADN región Caribe

Sacred Earth Council


Vanguard Women Healers and Water Warriors

Angels of Abundance Ascension Academy

KP Water-blessing Circle

Bodensee Water-Heart-Circle

Drum tribe Hargen.


People of the South

Dover Beach Drums for Water

Earth Energy Healing Network

Chalice Well

Ruukki – Loviisa

Water is Life


Connecticut River Valley Equinox Activation Circle

Equinox Activation Circles-Prince George BC Canada

For the Waters

Water Carriers