Our intention is to provide the opportunity for all organizations with heart for water to be listed in our directory, so that our community can find them easily. Please browse through and invite organizations that are missing to add their details to this directory.

If you have any suggestions for the type of search, categories, or other fields you would like to have filled in by organizations, please let us know, we will try to incorporate them in the form. We appreciate your feedback.


St. Leonhards Akademie

Alianza – Samaipata

Shamanic Arts Center



Therakids Noida

Conscious H2O

Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute NBI-Zim

Njeremoto Biodiversity Institute NBI-Zim

The Fountain

White Tiger Farms LLc.

Shamanic Arts Center


Banka BioLoo Limited

Sacred Earth Activism

Global Water Healing

Harmonising Water

Cercle Sacré Anishinabe Sacred Circle

The Waterbearers

New Earth Technologies d.o.o.

Water and Light B.V.

The New Water Generation

Emoto Peace Project

Omni Aqua Foundation

AQUA4D® (Powered by Planet Horizons Technologies SA)

Heart Forward Science

Water Peace Project


Sacred Water Voices

Divinia Water, Inc.

Healing Roots Hypnotherapy

World Water Community