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  • @dolphin88  this is wonderful. Can you tell us more about the group? (note that the link to your website on the listing here needs to be corrected). I will add your group to the Earth Energy Healing Network’s page for Healing the Waters of the Earth (http://www.earthenergyhealing.org/EEHWaterHealing.htm) when I get around to updating it. I hadn’t realized how out of date it is until checking it just now.

    1. Mary Listing Owner

      Our website it http://www.globalwaterhealing.org

      The Global Water Healing Meditation was started in June of 2014 in response to a call for help from Granny, an orca elder and good friend of animal communicator, Mary J. Getten. Since 2010, Granny has been saying that the water needs our help and that the whales and dolphins can no longer keep it in balance on their own. You can read more messages from Granny in our Messages section.

      Mary J. Getten has been facilitating an annual water healing ceremony for many years but in 2014 Granny told her that it is not effective to only do it once a year. Mary started the monthly call to create a community of people who are dedicated to healing the waters. By having many different leaders facilitate the calls, we are given a variety of healing methods to work with. It is important that each of us develop methods that we can do daily and share with others. Granny has said that it will take a million people focusing on the water every day, seeing it healthy and clean, vibrant and full of life, for us to create this reality. She also said that it is working!

      Together we can create miracles!!

      1. Thank your for the additional information, Mary. Inspiring! I have put the global meditations on my calendar. If I’m not able to join by voice I will join in the ethers.

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