Promotional graphic for World Water Day on March 22, 2021, with a theme emphasizing unity for water and life, featuring an image of Earth set against a starry background. This project WWC watercommunity geodirectory

Uniting for World Water Day 2021

Water is the Unifier of All Life and the Primary Medicine of our Time

Every World Water Day there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of diverse events around the world dedicated to Water. Imagine if all these inspiring events could see each other, connect, and align with a common vision and intention to ensure the immediate and universal protection and restoration of all Waters!

Uniting for World Water Day 2021 is a worldwide invitation for all Water communities and initiatives celebrating World Water Day to showcase your events on a global map. This way we can collectively inspire, inform and amplify our unified message and action.

Together We Rise as Many Voices, United in One Vision and One Message:

All Water is Sacred and Protected!


Water Fountain Project for Africa

Japanese water dance

Water Paintings

Launch Xploration Coastline – OceansX

Maroroisia Marine Sanctuary

Global Event

World water day

Water Unity

Divine Heart Water Meditation and Loving Waters Ceremony



Global Event

Valuing Water: Bonn Water Network celebrates World Water Day 2021 with launch of Handbook of Water Resources Management and round table discussion

Sacred water blessing ceremony & dance